Canadians Bet On Roll Up The Rim To Win

Gambling in casinos and online casinos remains a divisive issue across Canada.  Despite some opposition to gambling, all Canadians will line up once again to bet on the most culturally accepted gambling game – Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim To Win, or Rim contest.

Every year the iconic Canadian coffee shop hosts its annual Rim contest where coffee lovers buy Tim Horton’s coffee in order to gamble on a free prize.  The contest was first held in 1986 and quickly became symbolic with Tim Horton’s – which is itself a national symbol of Canada. 

The contest involves a quick roll up of the coffee cup rim to see if there is a free prize for redemption labeled underneath.  Every year, as many as 31 million prizes are given away to lucky coffee lovers.  These prizes include big screen TVs, new cars, free laptops, even free barbeques – while some of these prizes are in-store promotions such as another free coffee or a free donut. 

Roll Up The Rim To Win is considered a form of gambling, but is one that is culturally accepted by all Canadians.  The contest has also been the focus of several social media awareness campaigns along with innovative inventions such as the Rim Roller.  This invention was featured on Dragon’s Den, and makes it easier for Canadians to roll up the rim.

The contest begins February 18, and lasts until the special rim cups have sold out – typically for about a month.  Dig out your change, get your rim rolling fingers ready, and hope the odds are in your favour. 

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