British Columbia Holds First Responsible Gambling Week

 2012 will be the year of the first ever Responsible Gambling Week in British Columbia. The event will run from January 14th to January 20th. 

The main goal of the event will be to promote responsible gambling among BC residents. The organizers also hope to help problem gamblers find the help they need through counseling and outreach programs. 

Gambling is a very popular leisure activity across the province of British Columbia. The province is home to a wide range of gambling venues, so the activity is very accessible. As such, players should be educated on ways they can gamble responsibly and understand that there are risks associated with taking part in the activity. 

In addition to hosting ‘Myth Busting’ talks about gambling, the event will host several recreational activities. For example, there will be a screening of Owning Mahowny, a documentary about a problem gambler who committed the biggest bank fraud crime in Canada. 

To register for the event, email or visit . 


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