Brand new Grand Villa Casino opens up in Edmonton

canada-casinos_0The new Grand Villa Casino has been a work in progress for quite some time, and was a huge investment by Gateway Casinos. They have put in $32 million into the development of the casino casino, strategically placed in downtown Edmonton where it will get plenty of customers and traffic. The casino officially opened their doors on September 7th and is located around the east side of Rogers Place. It is a large building with a massive gaming floor, featuring 600 slot games and a wide variety of table games counting up to 28. Along with all of this, VIP members will enjoy the exclusive section of the gaming floor reserved for high rollers and loyal customers.

The casino has a lot more to offer than just gaming. It hosts a high class steak and fish restaurant as well as an indoor bar. If you’re looking to just grab a quick bite and then head back to the floor, there are four fast food establishments within the building that offer all sorts of classic favorites from burgers to pizza.

The downtown area of Edmonton has always been a high traffic area with plenty of activity and potential customers, making it an excellent spot for the new venue. The investors in this project took careful calculation in the casino before investing such a large sum into the project. The casino owners are leasing the area from the owners of the Ice District, as the location is expected to be a very rewarding choice for the casino.

This isn’t the first casino in Edmonton that has been owned through Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. They have previously owned the Bacarat Casino that was located along 104th avenue. When Gateway locked down the deal to lease the new location, they made the executive decision to shut down the old casino and take it out of commission.

Gateway’s CEO Tony Santo is already excited about the new casino. He enjoys watching the expressions that pop up on the crowd’s face as they enter the fancy new establishment. He is thrilled about the location because he will be able to host a variety of events that will bring some fun to the community and attract more attention to the venue.

As for the old gaming venue, it’s quite likely that the property will be sold or leased to another organization that will want to tear out the older Bacarat Casino. Santo expects the process to happen quite quickly, as there are several interested investors looking into the property. Any employees from the Bacarat Casino were allowed to transfer over to the new venue if they chose, saving all of their jobs while also creating new jobs within the region in the much larger and more active building.

The casino upholds the values of responsible gaming and will allow for anyone to ask to be excused from the casino, where the employees will prevent them from being allowed to play to help problem gamblers avoid a quick path to destruction and devastation.

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