Ben Affleck Banned from Playing Blackjack

Ben Affleck Banned from Playing Blackjack at Vegas Hard Rock Casino for Good Ben Affleck is once again in the limelight but not for being the new actor who will take on the title role in a Batman movie or for winning another film award.

This time, Ben Affleck is hogging the limelight for being booted out of the Hard Rock Vegas Casino last April 28, 2014, as he was observed applying card counting techniques in playing a high-roller blackjack game.

Although card counting is not regarded as illegal per se, the casino which hosts the table game has the right to impose house rules against card counting and ban anyone found violating those rules.

Since the Hard Rock Vegas Casino maintains similar rules and conditions with regard to card counting, Ben Affleck is banned for good from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Vegas Casino.

A day after the booting incident, the Hard Rock security firm sent out warnings to major casinos in Vegas about Ben Affleck’s gambling behavior pertaining to his use of “perfect basic,” and ” of taking insurance according to the count.

Uses black $100 cheques to keep track of the count while playing.” Another alert stated that the actor is “currently suspected of advantage play”, as he had already been observed in multiple Las Vegas Strip establishments as moving his bets with the count while playing blackjack.

Apparently, the actor was not aware that alert messages about his gambling activities were already in circulation in major casinos several days prior to the Hard Rock booting and banning incident. Reports have it that on April 22, the Games Protection Manager of Wynn and Encore casinos circulated an internal email, warning addressees that they have informed Ben Affleck that he was observed as being “way too obvious moving his money with the count,”—“spreading $100 -10K on the double decks and $0-20K (2@10K) on the shoe games. As of now, he is still being allowed to play per casino management.”

The Affleck couple had arrived in Vegas early last week, on a supposed romantic getaway before Ben leaves for Detroit where he is about to spend several months shooting the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie.

It is not known if Jennifer Garner was with her husband when the Hard Rock Security people swarmed the actor to inform him that he has been deemed as an advantage player, for using card counting techniques as a means of minimizing his gambling risks. After which, Ben went back to his hotel in a car service arranged by the Hard Rock security.

This is not the first time though that Ben Affleck has been linked to gambling scandals in light of his reputation as an avid gambler, as even Hard Rock casino has it on record that in 2001, Affleck played three $20,000 blackjack hands simultaneously, from which he collected as much as $800,000 in winnings.

Back in 2011, there were reports that the award-winning actor was a member of a secret poker circle along with fellow actors, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby McGuire. To which Ben hosted his own poker game at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills, and known to the gambling circle as “Ben’s Game”.  Maybe the guys should stick to online slots at Slotty Vegas casino.

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