Beckham Hopes to Play On UK’s Olympic Team

It has been three years David Beckham played football for England, but the LA Galaxy midfielder hopes that he can play on the country’s national team during the 2012 London Olympics.  Since making his Olympics debut in 1996, Beckham has played in three World Cups for England’s football team and hopes to play a fourth in his homeland in the upcoming Olympic games.

Because of the Olympics’ location, football will be an important part of next year’s games. Teams from all over the world will gather in a country where football is the most popular sport and compete for the title of the World’s Best.

Each football team in the Olympics is allowed to have three over-aged stars, and David Beckham is currently 36-years-old. All the rest of the players must be under the age of 23. The team is still mulling over the decision, but Beckham is hopeful that he will be included in the 2012 games.

However, some spectators are worried that he might not be the best addition to the national team. At 36 years of age, many people believe that he is past his prime; however, he remains determined to make a triumphant return to the Olympic pitch in the upcoming 2012 London Games.

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