Anti-casino Founder Running For Vancouver City Council

Sandy Garossino, a co-founder of the anti-casino group, Vancouver Not Vegas! has announced her bid to run for city council in Vancouver next month. The race is on, and November 19th is the big day.

Sandy Garossino and Sean Bickerton are the co-founders of, Vancouver Not Vegas! Interestingly enough, Bickerton is running for an NPA seat on the council and even discussed having Garossino join his political party. It looks like Garossino declined, because she’s running as an independent candidate. In the past, there hasn’t been a lot of success for those who have tried to run independently, so Garossino will really have her work cut out for her.

Bickerton expressed admiration for Garossino for all the hard work they did together for the Vancouver Not Vegas Coalition. Garossino is undeterred, despite the history of success of independents. She explained her decision to run as an independent, stating it was a purposeful decision. She further commented that there was unnecessary drama in politics, and that doesn’t solve anything. She expressed that there was a need for everyone to work collaboratively, not against each other. 

The financial support of Garossino’s election campaign is not known, but she has expressed that she has support from a variety of individuals.

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