5 Progressive Jackpot Wins That Set Records

Online Casino Progressive Wins

In terms of potential for a big win, there are few games that can compare to progressive jackpots at any online casino hosting the content. Although the games tend to feature a meager payout percentage, the allure of winning a jackpot is enough to draw in thousands of players. Some of these jackpot wins have been so big, they are now considered official world records. Here is a glimpse at the top five jackpots.

#5 – The Mobile Jackpot That Set a Record

The list begins with a progressive jackpot that was won through the player’s mobile device. This win occurred at Tipico Online casino, specifically in its mobile app which was used by an anonymous individual. The progressive jackpot win carried a total of more than €7 million and was rewarded by the Microgaming classic Mega Moolah. In comparison to more recent wins, the jackpot is a much smaller nominal value. However, it still holds the world record for the top jackpot win through mobile.

#4 – A Lucky Swedish Winner

A man from Sweden, identified as Alexander, makes the next spot on the list with his jackpot win. Alexander played at Folkautomaten, a Nordic online casino, and chose to bet on the Mega Fortune progressive online slot by Net Entertainment. His stroke of luck came in the form of €8.57 million and led to him waking up his spouse with the unbelievable news. The two-week period during which this win happened was a busy time for Net Entertainment. Simon Hammon is the company’s chief product officer and reported that over €13 million was awarded to various players in just a few days.

#3 – The Sleepless Millionaire

Next on the list is a previous world record that happened because the winner had a tough time getting some sleep. The win happened at Betsson online casino and the recipient was an anonymous man from Norway. He ended up winning a ridiculous total of €11,736,375 from the Mega Fortune progressive slot, again highlighting the appeal of Net Entertainment’s flagship jackpot. As a result, the winner of the jackpot still didn’t get any sleep. This jackpot became a Guinness World Record, but only briefly before being outdone.

#2 – A Huge Win On a Tiny Bet

The second jackpot, in terms of value, is exceptionally amazing because of how it occurred. This progressive jackpot win happened at PAF online casino and totalled €17,861,800. The winner, who is another anonymous person, claimed the gigantic amount after only betting a 25-cent wager on the Mega Fortune progressive slot. This win became the new world record for an online jackpot and remained the top payout for two years.

#1 – The Record Jackpot

Surprisingly, the biggest online progressive jackpot win ever recorded went to a winner who did NOT remain anonymous. Jon Heywood, a soldier from the United Kingdom, won the jackpot by playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot from Microgaming. Heywood eventually claimed the winnings to the tune of €17,879,645 and Betway online casino was the gaming site being used. This win now officially holds the Guinness World Record, but it may not be long before another winner steps in to take the top spot.