$20 million dollar expansion for the View Royal Casino

The View Royal Casino has a major upgrade being added to it as announced by the owners, which is planned to be revealed in upcoming weeks. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation had developed plans for expanding the casino back in 2007 before it was scrapped due to the state of the economy and global recession of 2008. The B.C. Lottery Corporation verified that the casino will be the only one that will remain on the island where it sits, which has prompted the operator to crack open the expansion plans once again.

The expansion plans for the View Royal Casino are going to be reveealed during the View Royal meeting that is about to take place. The expansion is going to include an additional 350 slot machines on the expanded gaming floor, more restaurant options within the venue, and even a large theatre that will sit 600 people. Chick Keeling, who is the vice president for stakeholder relations in the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, is feeling happy that the company has decided to move forward with the expansion plans and feels confident in the future success of the venue, particularly citing the BCLC’s statement that it will remain the only casino in the region.

Thus far further specific details of the expansion plan have been kept under wraps, but the company has a $20 million budget for the expansion and is planning on doubling the square of the casino and provide an expansion to both the gaming division and non-gaming division of the casino. There will be more games and a modernized gaming floor, while also providing various amenities for those taking a break from playing. The casino is looking to attract entertainment seekers rather than just gamblers, and so it’s likely that a lot of focus will be put into the extras that are offered by the casino.

This expansion announcement comes after the Great Canadian Gaming Company has finished up two other expansion projects on some of its older casinos that sit in other areas of Canada. We can expect that a similar template will be used for this project as well, giving us some idea of what the operator has in mind. Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not some of the entertainment amenities that were added to other venues will be included will be placed in the View Royal Casino, it’s a safe bet that there are some exciting new things coming. Some speculate that the addition of the theatre will mean that live shows and public events will be held at the casino once the project is complete.

The expansion project will begin sometime in 2017, and the casino will remain in operation during this time. The contractors working on the project are going to ensure that a minimal amount of disruption is caused to current customers of the casino. The project will be finalized sometime during the early part of 2018 if it keeps on schedule, which gives a 2-year deadline from now.