Wild champions

If you’re a fan of lottery games, you have most likely seen scratch cards at some point in your life. They are quick to buy, easy to play, and offer the potential for a big win. The leading gaming developer Microgaming aims to capture this simple and rewarding game in Wild Champions. You will enjoy the graphics and incredibly easy gameplay that makes this title a relaxing choice, but the special features and replay value are another story.

Wild Champions Appearance and Basic Gameplay

One great aspect of Wild Champions is its artwork. You should note that this game is not an online slot, but a unique game styled after instant win scratch cards. The theme of the game is a global sporting event with wild animals as the athletes, and the visual results are hilarious. Microgaming does a great job of creating humorous cartoon characters, adding entertainment value to the game.

You’ll notice that the paytable and the 3 x 3 grid are featured on the same screen. Wild Champions has a simple design and limited features, so its entire gameplay process can easily be learned. You will be able to place bets ranging in value from 0.50 coins up to 10.00 for each round. Other than that, you can select a new card once the current card is complete. Wild Champions has six different multipliers that you can use. The lowest multiplier is 1x and the jackpot multiplier is 250x. If you match your symbol at least three times on the card, you will win a payout with the associated multiplier.

The Special Features

While the base game in Wild Champions has its own unpredictable and entertaining features, you won’t any special features playing this title. Unlike online slots that come with a host of rewarding bonuses, this game and other scratch card games typically rely on just the basic gameplay. Therefore, the lack of special features in Wild Champions is a major downside.

Average Payouts

The Wild Champions scratch card game posts a decent average payout percentage that will keep you happy. This game’s return to player, or RTP, averages at 95% and gives you a decent chance to earn some cash as you play. Scratch card games are a lot less common than slots. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many alternatives that offer a mid-level variance and an acceptable RTP.

You can potentially earn a top payout of 2,500 coins when playing the Wild Champions instant win game.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
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The purpose of Wild Champions is to mimic an instant win scratch card game, and this Microgaming title does it well. Other than that, the game does not have much to offer in terms of rewards or features. The lack of any special features whatsoever is a disappointment, and the base game itself has a tough time keeping up with the appeal of other casino game. You will typically experience a decent RTP while you play Wild Champions and the visual style of the characters is awesome. However, the overall game quickly becomes boring and can’t really be considered a classic.