Wheel of wealth

If you’ve ever played a classic slot and seen the hit game show Wheel of Fortune, you already know what this game is all about. The Wealth of Wealth online slot has just one payline on three reels, with just a few betting options to adjust your wagers. Though simple on the surface, the game has an entertaining bonus that randomly picks out cash prizes for your account. Reasonably fun and just rewarding enough, Wheel of Wealth is a staple from the older Microgaming collection.

Wheel of Wealth Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The Wheel of Wealth free slots game is a replica of the classics, so you shouldn’t expect too much from its visual content. A plain background holds both the reels and the paytables of the game, with numerous vintage symbols rounding out the appearance. These graphics aren’t particularly impressive, but they are colorful and clear so you know exactly what you’re looking at. Sound effects accompany the visuals, and you can turn them off if you’d rather play without audio.

Gameplay is just as simplified as the slot’s graphics. You have the option to change how many coins you want to bet on the next spin. The game also lets you instantly bet the maximum amount possible. Since there is only one payline, you won’t have an option for adjusting lines. However, Wheel of Wealth includes a few expert options to make the game slightly more suited to your playing style. The actual coin value is also a fixed amount.

The Special Features

While this game does not have an expansive set of options for playing, it does include a couple of special features. Many classic three-reel slots don’t offer you anything besides the base game. The presence of rewarding special features in Wheel of Wealth is a definite plus that contributes to its overall appeal.

Wild Symbol

The special wild symbol of the game comes in the form of the Wheel of Wealth logo, so it’s easy to spot. As long as it lands on the payline, the wild symbol can replace any normal icon to complete a winning payout. You will earn a 2x multiplier on your payout if the wild appears once. Even better, the wild can appear twice and reward you with a 4x multiplier. Three wild symbols in a row will give you the game’s top payout, assuming you bet all three coins.

Wheel of Wealth Special Bonus Game

Wheel of Wealth has its name for a reason. The special bonus that comes with the game will activate when you land the special “SPIN” symbol on the third reel. When this happens, you will play the Wheel of Wealth bonus that randomly decides on your bonus payout through the spinning of the wheel. The bonus can be activated at any time and offers up to 1,000 coins.

Average Payouts

Considering that this game is styled after a simple slot machine, it does a fantastic job of offering some extras. However, all the features in the world mean nothing if you’re not getting some payouts! At just around 96%, the average payout percentage of Wheel of Wealth is on par with most online slots. You have a decent chance to see returns on your bets similar to the averages in other Microgaming titles.

In addition, the game offers a top payout of 5,000 coins.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Payouts


Wheel of Wealth does not offer much up front to make it a special classic slot, but it excels in its special features. You’ll have no problem learning the ropes of this online slot, but your betting options will be limited. The titular bonus game is excellent, and the presence of a wild symbol adds to the potential for big payouts. If you’re a fan of vintage slot machines, Wheel of Wealth has an acceptable RTP and should be right up your alley.