Vinyl countdown

Nothing beats the sound of music on a vinyl record. Similarly, it’s hard to top an online slot from a leading developer with a lot of rewarding features. Vinyl Countdown is an online slot that comes from top developer Microgaming, but does it have enough special features? The game features five reels that support nine paylines. It includes both standard and expert options, and it can be played for real money or as a free play demo.

Vinyl Countdown Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Vinyl Countdown is one of the older slots from the Microgaming collection. The game’s age is apparent through the classic graphics. Each symbol displayed on the reels has a detailed design and bright colors that pop off of the screen. You might find the game to feel a little bit dated, but its simple design reduces the risk of technical errors that can void your payouts. Each paylines is labeled clearly on the sides of the online slot. There are also unique sound effects that accompany the game, but you can turn them off if you prefer playing quietly.

In a similar fashion, the standard gameplay options of Vinyl Countdown are kept simple. You have the ability to adjust the nine paylines to make any number of them active. The value of each coin can also be changed, but the number of coins to be bet is fixed. To instantly wager the most money possible before spinning, you simply need to click the “bet max” button on the control panel. Expert options for the Vinyl Countdown slot include an “autoplay” feature that allows the reels to spin automatically.

The Special Features

The normal gameplay featured in Vinyl Countdown is complemented by a couple of extra features. However, this game has its limitations by not including additional rewarding bonuses. Regardless, each special feature gives you more opportunities to earn large payouts and have a more enjoyable experience.

Wild Symbol

You’ll notice that the wild symbol in this online slot is hard to miss. It comes in the form of a jukebox with the word “WILD” displayed in front. The wild symbol can replace any normal icon from the game to finish a winning combination. However, Vinyl Countdown does not offer a multiplier related to its wild symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The icon of a disco ball containing the word “SCATTER” is the game’s designated scatter symbol. Instead of paying left to right, this symbol creates a payout as long as it appears on the reels three times. The scatter can land up to five times simultaneously and offers an excellent straight win that replaces your original bet amount.

Average Payouts

Vinyl Countdown falls a bit short with its special features, and the same can be said about the payout average. You’ll get a typical payout percentage of 95.5% when you play the slot. The percentage is lower than average and doesn’t help with this game’s appeal. Unfortunately, a low variance means you won’t be seeing much change from this average.

You will have a chance to win a top payout of 1,000 coins playing Vinyl Countdown.

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This online slot does little to stand out among the rest. Though it has decent graphics and convenient game controls, it lacks enough bonus features to make it a rewarding option. You’ll appreciate the classic design of the slot, but you’re probably going to look elsewhere when the disappointing RTP starts to trend. While Microgaming has a lot of exciting online slots, this is not one of them.