Offside and seek

First of all, players will need to match three players from 6 players in order to win. The second game allows players to play a corner kick and if they score the goal, they will win the reward that is found at the bottom of the game.

Offside and Seek is a Microgaming powered scratch card game that does not only offer players 1 chance of winning, but two chances as it has two different games. One of them is a game of luck and the other one is a game of some skill. Players can enjoy these two games with only one single bet at this wonderful game in a chance to win great rewards. Players can enjoy the game here for free before they head to online casinos that offer the game to play with real cash.

Players will place their wanted wagers before they can start the game. They can do that at the bottom of the screen where they will see the different ticket prices. The price of each ticket varies between 0.50 and 10. After the bets are placed, players can click on Play to start the game. They will find that there are two games. The game that is located on the left side of the screen is the scratch card game in which players will see six squares. Players will click on each of these squares manually or by clicking on Reveal All in order to reveal players under each square. Each player has a multiplier under him, which is going to be multiplied by the original wager that players have placed if they have succeeded in matching three players.

As for the other game, which is on the right side, players will control players during a corner kick and they will try and score. If they score, they will earn a certain payout, which is located under the game screen. Players can reveal it before or after they have played the game. Players do not have to win both games to earn a payout as they can win one and lose in the other and still claim a payout.