Lotsaloot 5 Reel

Slot Basics

Lotsaloot 5 Reel is the five reeled version of the favorite progressive jackpot slot machine by Microgaming. Like its predecessor, the online slot machine has an Irish machine theme that brings you a lots of loot and rewards, which explains the title of the slot machine, Lotsaloot. The online slot machine does not only offer a progressive jackpot, as it has twenty-five lines, in addition to a wild icon that can give the highest line prize, plus replacing other symbols with no exceptions. So while the game might be lacking free spins and bonus features, it still has an impressive jackpot payout.

You will be able to see the format and the visuals of the slot here for free, but as most Microgaming Progressive machines, you can’t spin it for free, and you will have to head to a Microgaming online casino to do so. Lotsaloot 5 Reel is available on a plethora of devices, as it is one of the most popular Progressive slots by Microgaming. You can enjoy it on an Android, an iPhone, a Windows Laptop and a tablet alike.

Theme, Gameplay, and Graphics

Lotsaloot 5 Reel is the five-reeled version of the 3-reel version. The original slot machine was so popular that Microgaming decided to create a 5-reel version of the slot machine. It has a total of 25 stake lines and three rows of symbols. Lotsaloot takes place in the Irish lands as you search for the pot of gold and claim it as your own. The symbols are colorful, and they include bar icons, the four-leaf clover, the pot of gold, the colorful Lotsaloot logo of the video slot. You will see the rainbow underneath the reels, the control panel and the amount of the progressive jackpot at the top.

Bonus Features and Symbols

Lotsaloot is a Microgaming progressive jackpot slot. It has an ever-increasing jackpot that can amount to thousands of coins as well as a wild icon. So the slot machine might not be packed with free spins, bonuses, and features, but the enormous amount of the jackpot makes up for it.

The Wild Icon:

The colorful Lotsaloot logo of the slot is the wild. It is going to substitute for all other symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. It will replace the symbols that will create the best payout possible.

That is not all that the wild symbol can do.  It can also trigger the highest line prize which is equal to 10000 when you get 5x of the wild logos on the same line.

Progressive Jackpot:

You are going to see the amount of the jackpot at the top, increasing with every passing second. The reason behind that is that the amount will increase, every time a player places a bet on it on any casino. You will be able to trigger that jackpot when you get 5x wilds on the same line after placing the maximum bet that the slot allows.

Payouts and Maximum Reward

Lotsaloot 5 Reel by Microgaming has an RTP of 89.95%, which is much lower than most slots, but that is the case with progressive slot machines.

  • The maximum line prize is 10000
  • The progressive jackpot changes every passing second.
Lotsaloot 5 Reel
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Lotsaloot is a Microgaming video slot. It has five reels with 25 lines and plenty of high-paying symbols. It is a progressive jackpot game with an Irish loot theme. It has colorful visuals and entertaining gameplay that will offer you an unforgettable experience.