Hairy fairies

Hairy Fairy GamePlayers will have to choose nine of these hairy fairies in order to reveal the multiplier that lies under them. Of course, like the usual scratch card games, players will have to match three multipliers in order to get paid according to that multiplier and the bet that players wagered.

Hairy Fairies is a Scratch card game that is brought to you straight from the Microgaming Gaming portfolio of scratch cards. Although the game is basically a scratch card game, it offers players such game in a unique way that will make it more interactive, fun and entertaining for them.

Instead of the usual cards that players will scratch to reveal multipliers or different symbols, the game is set in the backyard. Players will see the lawn in the background as well as a wooden house. On top of that, all of the control panel’s icons are made of used and squashed beer cans. Players will see three beer cans at the bottom, each one represents a different button that players will use during the game play, these buttons are Stake, New Card and Win.

The stake is where players will place their bets as they go through the different wagers available. The New Card is what players click on to start the game and the Win can shows players how much they have won.

After the stake is placed, players will click on New Card and they will see a total of twelve fairies with their magic wands floating in the air. These are not your usual fairies as they are old and hairy fairies. Players will use their mouse in order to click on 9 out of the 12 fairies in order to reveal the multipliers that are hiding behind them.

Players can do it manually or they can do it by clicking on Reveal all to save time. The multipliers will be listed on the left side and if players succeed in getting 3 matching multipliers, it will be multiplied by the stake that they have placed in the beginning. Players can earn up to x2500 their bet.


Hairy Fairies is a scratch card game. In this game, players will see hairy male fairies, hence the naming of the game, flying around the game’s screen.