Dragons fortune

This is why players will witness a great dragon who is involved in the gameplay of the game. All that players need to do is click on the play button. The Dragon will start to spit out circles with signs. These signs will determine if you are a winner or no, players have to get two matching signs in order to get paid.

The game has astonishing HD graphics and vivid sound effects that will take players into the theme of the game.

Dragon’s Fortune is a Microgaming powered game that is fun and entertaining as well as being a highly rewarding game. This game falls under the scratch car category, so it is a game of pure luck.

The game will take players into the far east. The Orient is known for its riches as well as its unique culture. This is why players will quickly notice the dragons and the oriental symbols that dominate the entire interface of the game.

Players who want to try their luck at the game will have to place a wager. This wager can be placed on the bottom left side of the screen of the game. Players will see a Stake cell that has two symbols that form a ying-yang shape, these symbols are – and +. Players will toggle between these two signs in order to reach the stake that they want. The wagers available vary between 0.50 credits and 10.00 credits.

Players will see a fire-breathing dragon on the right side of the screen and a metal plate on the left side. After the players place their stake, they will click on Play in order to initiate the game. The dragon will then start to spit out balls with different colors and different Chinese symbols.

These balls will land on the plate. The dragon will pump out a total of six symbols. Players who succeed in getting 2 matching balls on that plate will earn a payout.

The payout depends on the stake that players have placed at the beginning and the symbol that they matched. The paytable can be found on the left side as players will see the different balls and the multiplier that comes with them. The multipliers vary between x2 and x10000.