Bowled over

In this game, players will be asked to reveal six balls in order to match three players to win a handsome reward. The game also has a second game that pays less but has high winning chances. This second game allows players to throw a ball and if it hits the target, players will be rewarded.

Bowled Over is one of the Microgaming games that offer players two games in one, which means that players will get to enjoy two games and have two chances of winning after placing one single bet and buying one card. This is not a surprise since Microgaming is known for such games, as all of the Microgaming games are fun, rewarding and entertaining. This game will appeal greatly to players, as its theme is cricket.

Before players can enjoy this cricket themed scratch card, they will choose how many credits they wish to use to buy the card. Of course, the higher the stake, the more their payout will be if they win. These bets are found at the bottom at the stake cell as players will toggle between all of the possible stakes by clicking on the + and the – symbols. The smallest stake that is available in this game is equal 0.5 credits while the biggest bet is equal 10 credits.

Once players decided how much they want to stake, they will start the game by clicking on New Card. Once they do that, they will find two games, a one on the left side, which is a scratch card game where players will see six squares and under each square they will find a cricket player.

Players will click on these squares in order to reveal the players in hopes of matching a player and getting a payout. Players who get three matching players will earn a payout that depends on the stake and the player that they matched as each player has a multiplier. As for the game on the right, it is a game of luck as players will try to play cricket and if they hit the ball, they will claim a payout.


Bowled Over is a very interactive game that is offered to online casinos by Microgaming.