Microgaming Donates to Charity

It is always so inspiring to see online gambling companies getting involved in the community. In most countries, gambling revenue is used to fund a wide range of charitable initiatives, but it is great to see some companies doing it on their own. Microgaming is one of these companies, having just donated to a heart health charity. 
Microgaming has donated nearly $2500 to Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation, which pays for the costs of heart screening for men and women in the Isle of Man who cannot afford it. Heart screening is an important step in the prevention of Sudden Death Syndrome and many other fatal diseases, and Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation is working for a worthy cause. 
Microgaming, based on the Isle of Man, decided to get involved, using a recent staff party to collect funds. Out of the goodness of their hearts, Microgaming employees reached into their wallets to provide the charity with the funds it needed to continue operating. 
“Our Foundation could not survive if it were not for the generous donations that companies such as Microgaming provide,” says Paula Lunt, who founded Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation.



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