SEGA Casino Ceases Operation

Earlier this year, there was a huge buzz about the impending launch of a new online casino from SEGA, the popular console game designer. The casino was finally launched over the summer, but we have just learned that SEGA Casino now ceases to exist, creating quite the mystery among online gambling industry insiders.

During the casino’s first week in operation, it was reported that SEGA was seeing a great deal of revenue from the endeavor. By no means was the operator suffering financially by undertaking such an expensive business.

SEGA Casino’s software was provided by Playtech, who helped the operator create games based on popular SEGA characters and series. House of the Dead and Phantasy Star are just two of the SEGA titles that served as the basis for games at the new online casino. These branded games were very popular among European players, who made up the vast majority of the population at SEGA Casino.

So, SEGA had quite a profitable business under its belt, leaving industry insiders to wonder just exactly what is responsible for its exit from the online gambling market. Never before has an online casino made a such a quiet exit from the industry, as similar cases make headline news. There is still no word on SEGA’s reason behind this move, but we anticipate that it will be revealed soon.

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