Canadians Miss Out on Mega Millions Jackpot

Last week, thousands of Canadians crossed the border to purchase lottery tickets for the biggest Mega Millions draw ever. Originally only open to American residents, the draw was recently made available to Canadians, causing an influx of activity at the border last week. Unfortunately, the prize did not go to a lucky Canadian; instead, it was shared between winners in three states. 

After taxes, the Mega Millions jackpot will total $213 million. It was the largest Mega Millions jackpot that the world had ever seen, providing its winners with a very hefty payday. Three players from Illinois, Maryland and Kansas will take home their share of the multi-million dollar jackpot. 
Over $1.5 billion in lottery sales were made, a large portion of those profits coming from Canadian players. Since online lottery sales are not available in most states, many Canadians crossed the border last week to purchase their tickets. 
This could be a push in the right direction for American lotteries. By offering online lottery ticket sales, they can increase their overall profits. When large prizes like the Mega Millions are offered, Canadians would be able to purchase tickets online without having to cross the border. 

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