Paroli Betting System for Roulette

paroli bettting tableThe Paroli betting system is an option that you can use when looking to win something big in roulette.

This is a system that has been in use since around the sixteenth century in Italy and continues to be a popular option for those who are aiming to try and win something great although it is key for any player to be cautious when playing with it.

This is a system that requires the player to try and get three wins in a row. The game involves doubling the value of a bet with each win.

How it Works

The Paroli system works in that a player will have to bet with a certain total at a point on the table. This works particularly for even money bets.

A player will put on a betting unit on the table on an even money payout option. If the original bet is lost then the player will bet that same original total.

If the bet wins then the player will double the bet. After that second straight win, the player will then double the bet again. After this bet happens, the bet will be reset to the original value regardless of how that third bet went.

Here’s an example of how it works. You might bet $1 on black and then win. You will bet $2 at the next point. Meanwhile, you might win again and bet $4. After that happens, you will go back to betting $1 regardless of how the game went.