Worries Arise Over VLT Additions

 It has recently been announced that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation is planning on adding 75 new video lottery terminals (VLTs) to locations across New Brunswick. While the additional machines will help to increase government revenue, the idea has caused concern among the community, which believes that adding more gambling opportunities could be detrimental. 

According to Professor Tim Gallagher of the University of New Brunswick, the addition of new machines could have serious effects on those vulnerable to gambling addiction. He believes that the new VLTs will appeal to those already suffering from gambling problems, and does not believe that they are a good idea. 

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation estimates that 2012 will be a disappointing year in terms of revenue. Revenue will be down by at least $8 million, marking a huge decline for the lottery commission. 

It seems that the ALC is attempting to make up for this loss by adding the new VLTs across New Brunswick. However, while the financial effects are positive, the social effects may be negative. Unfortunately, additional machines could lend themselves to fostering residents’ gambling addictions, and community groups are not pleased with this potential. 

Despite these concerns, the ALC seems to be focused on implementing its plan for more video lottery terminals. The new machines should be on gaming floors across the province sometime early next year. 


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