Woodbine Casino Is Expanding With Live Dealer Tables

Woodbine Casino Live Dealer

Recently, Woodbine Casino announced that they have acquired authorization from the regulatory boards for launching the live dealer games in and around Toronto. They are the first casino in Toronto City to be successful in achieving this. Since its inception in the 1950s, they had the famous race track in Canada. Recently, in the year 2015, they received the permit for coming up with their own casino. Owned by One Toronto Gaming, the Woodbine casino’s hard work in bringing live dealership games is a big achievement for the enterprise.

The Casino’s plans for expansion were stalled for some time due to delayed approval from the City and other regulatory bodies. After receiving approval for the project, Woodbine Casino set up 50 live dealer tables in the casino. The 50 live tables are equally divided for three games namely baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. It is projected that this addition to the casino will attract more online players around the globe.

For those who are unknown to the system of live dealer games, it is fairly simple. Table boards with dealers are streamed live on the websites of big casinos globally. There is also an option for sending text messages on the screen for communication directly with the dealer.

In order to participate in a live session, all one needs to have is a good internet connection. It is as simple as logging into the account and instantly start playing with online players. The major difference is that an actual dealer shuffles the cards while sitting in a studio and not a computer algorithm. The idea came into existence for people to experience the feeling close to actually playing inside a casino.

The CEO of One Toronto Gaming, Rod Baker, was thrilled with the success of expanding their casino and credited all of it to the hard work and perseverance of the employees. The regulators, shareholders worked alongside the Core team for acquiring approvals for live dealer tables. Rod Baker also mentioned how the expansion apart from being a major leap ahead for Woodbine Casino has also created 400 jobs already and is expected to create 300 more by the end of 2018.

The expansion was not only restricted to adding live dealer games, as 200 stadium-style games and electronic tables were also installed very recently. Only when people would think that is all, One Toronto Gaming made an overwhelming announcement of adding 50 more live deal tables and over 300 slot machines by early next year.
Woodbine Casino’s achievement in 2018 of expanding its business with hi-tech live dealer tables is a big source of motivation for other casinos yet to implement live dealer tables.

The incorporation of technology attracts more players globally thus increasing the client base exponentially as the only requirement is to have a stable internet connection. Currently, the projected earnings for Woodbine Casino is more than ever before which has led to high expectations. With new installations, they have made it convenient for enthusiasts in Toronto city experience the online dealer games.