Online Gambling Ads Now Allowed On Facebook

For years, Facebook prohibited online casino and online poker operators from running ads using the popular Facebook Ads format. Now, the social network is changing its tune, as it has recently been announced that online gambling ads will now be permitted on Facebook. 

It seems that attitudes towards gambling are changing across a wide range of technology companies. Previously, Apple and Android banned gambling apps but they have recently given the okay for players to access real cash casino apps in a select few countries. Now, Facebook has adopted the same stance, and the social network’s users will be subjected to gambling advertisements. 

There are several rules that will regulate the advertisement of online gambling ads. The most important rule is that only operators in approved countries may advertise their online gambling services to Facebook users. This means that users in countries like Australia and the United States will not see gambling ads, while Canadians will. 

Casino operators may want to think before they launch Facebook ads, however. A recent report has indicated that the majority of Facebook users ignore these types of advertisements. 60% of Facebook users across North America dislike Facebook ads, so gambling operators may want to explore other options. 




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