NetEnt Just Launched Football: Champions Cup Slot Machine

football champions cup screen big

football champions cup logoWhat a year this have been for the folks of NetEnt, just after the release of the rock N’ Roll power trio: Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix they’ve come up with a strategy to spread its market niche.

With the rock release they grabbed a rather forgotten part of gamblers, the rockers and with Football: Champions Cup they’ve changed the subject from a very massive one, like music, to another just as big like soccer, and therefore lure all of those football enthusiast out there into this title. Lets agree that Football, if we talk about money and followers, is the most important sport in the world.

But the NetEnt’s magic move is not only the choice of a football slot, is the date of release and the structure of the game that they’ve developed what makes this game so interesting. The title will be based on the EuroCup 2016, which will start the 10th of June in Paris with the game between the local France and Romania.

The release of this slot will be on the 23rd of May, the difference between the release and the start of the EuroCup is less than a month. Coincidence? No, it was a genius act! They’re going to use the excitement and fever behind this spectacle to attract players. Can’t wait to play this game! See? They got me.

What We Love?

The concept. I know, you may think that is a basic football idea. But it’s not a question about complexity, at all. The game is very well made, it has all of the key elements that you need to play football for instance the symbols are from a Goalkeeper’s glove to a soccer shoe, from a referee’s whistle to a football ball.

There is a consistency in the layout that is remarkable. The reels are on the arena, on the pitch. You see the crowd at the back chanting every time you win. Talking about motivation. A decent design and a flawless layout is the first thing to highlight.

The free spins tournament. We all love free spins and the developers battle against the idea of how to put them in different ways without being repetitive or boring, the solution they’ve come up with is innovative and fun.

football champions cup screen big

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Let’s play the EuroCup, at the start of the game you get to choose the flag of the country you’re going to represent (my national team didn’t qualify, so this feature seems like bullying) and you begin in quarterfinals, and you play your way to the championship. You’ll earn a lot of free spins depending on how far you get in the championship.

But listen, that’s not it. There is another spectacular trait I want to emphasize: The Penalty Shootout feature. Here you play in an environment that definitely will increase the pressure of the game. You’re the player standing in front of the ball and you get to choose where the shot is going to go, however the goalkeeper plays and he might predict the place of the shot. A very interesting and interactive feature.

What We Don’t Love

Perhaps for the high rollers there aren’t any progressive jackpots or multipliers that we know of, but there is a possibility of a Hat trick feature and several things that we have to wait until the day of the release.

Worth Playing?

Definitely. This is one of the games of the year. NetEnt did it again. It has an impressive environment that achieves the same feeling that produces an actual football match. In addition you have interactive, innovative and pleasant features to earn free spins and move is a good match.

In conclusion, this will be the game for us, the people that loves slots, to successfully bring down the fever of the EuroCup. It will enhance the experience of the EuroCup while you earn money. I can’t wait to the kickoff.

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