Keep Reaching for That Rainbow on Emerald Isle

emerald-isle-slot-logoWith its beautiful green pastures background and catchy soundtrack, Emerald Isle is the revamped version of identically themed slot, created and released by NextGen, a prominent and established gaming company.

Drawing inspiration from the Ireland’s poetic name as well as the best known traditional markings found in popular folk tales, the game features symbols such as Gaelic Princess, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and leprechaun, the infamous fairy creature that grants wishes to its capturer.

The leprechaun itself has earned quite a bad rap and became a victim of a major character deprecation after a cinematic violation by the same name in the early 90′. We can only hope that NextGen will repair some of the damage inflicted by this horrible, uncalled for slander.

What We Love

What we love, or shall we say, what we adore are quality re-designs of popular slot’s earlier editions. It is always fun to go back and see what can be upgraded and improved.

This of course can be a challenging task, provoking a potential resentment and even rage of the original version fans. Luckily enough, NextGen knew what they were doing and the end result was great – decent sound and visual effects, reinforced with Bonus Rounds and Free Games.

The two extra features are even prone to reactivation; something we always like to hear. Another awesome addition are the multipliers. The Free Game feature can award the player with 10 additional spins, during which the wins are multiplied by 3. While spinning for free, Bonus Round can also be activated, where your stake could be increased by 500x – a rather nice prospect.

Emerald isle slot screenshot big


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If you are a bit of a dare devil, gamble option is also available. I don’t always use it, but do appreciate having a choice, just to spice things up a bit.

What We Do Not Like

Even with the decent winning potential that will without a doubt attract people to this game, you will sometimes find a little bit difficult to actually unlock the Free Games feature. You are most likely to open the Bonus Round game, but in some cases seemingly countless spins will be required for the Free Games to land your way.

Could not help but thinking that it should be easier than that, but maybe I was just down on my luck that day. Other attempts have proven to be more productive, however, I must underline that I personally found it easier to trigger the free games in Auto Mode, which, of course can be a mere coincidence.

Other than this volatility, we do not have any major complaints when this slot is concerned and playing it was an enjoyable experience.

Worth Playing?

Definitely worth a shot. With the potential of 500x bet increase and repeatable bonus features, this game can make you enough money for a lavish and extravagant St. Patrick’s celebration.

Truth be told, Emerald Isle does not seem like one of those iconic games that will be cherished forever by the online slot users, but in all fairness, that was not the original intention. It is simply a great remake with a decent payout potential.

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