Full Tilt Poker Repayment Is A Huge Task

Full Tilt Poker owes hundreds of millions of dollars to American poker players. Now that the company has finally found a buyer, that money can be returned to its rightful owners, but the task of doing so is daunting. The American government is hiring new staff to deal with the issue while the Poker Players Association (PPA) is working hard to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

According to Poker News Daily, the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) is looking to fill Claims Administrator positions. These individuals will deal with allocating the money to those who require refunds from Full Tilt. Since there is an application process required for players to receive their refunds, the Claims Administrators will have to evaluate all applications. They will examine financial records, proof of deposits and other documents that will determine whether or not a player is entitled to a refund.

The USAO is looking for someone with experience in the online gambling market; so, players should make successful applicants for the position. However, conflicts of interest may arise if the player has any personal connection to any of the sites indicted on Black Friday.

In the meantime, the PPA is monitoring the refund process intently. American poker players have been waiting over a year for their money, and the PPA wants to ensure that everything is above board. The organization recently wrote a letter to the Department of Justice, offering its assistance in the matter. With industry insight, the PPA would make a great partner for the American government while the refund process is taking place. It would also mean that the PPA will ensure that players will receive exactly what is owed to them.

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