BCLC Updates Land-Based Technology

Now that the British Columbia Lottery Commission has ventured into the online gambling market, the commission is now ready to work on its land-based offerings. As such, the BCLC is replacing its current Class 3 Management System with new software provided by Bally Technologies. The new software is designed to enhance the player experience at a wide range of venues across the province. 

Bally Technologies will equip over 12 000 gaming devices and 80% lottery terminals across BC with the new management system. The major benefits of the software provide operators with the ability to offer bonuses across the casino floor and allow players to take part in casino-wide tournaments with the push of a button. 

The applications that the management system provide offer the BCLC with the chance to take a huge step forward in the land-based gambling market. This is the kind of software that is increasingly being seen at high-class gambling venues around the world, and it is important for BCLC to keep up with trends. Being the most popular gambling destinations in Canada, Victoria and Vancouver are likely to see an improvement in profits thanks to these new changes. 

We can expect to see the changes being implemented starting in 2012. Over the course of the next two to three years, the new system will be fully implemented across the province. 


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