Witches wealth

Do you enjoy the spooky festivities surrounding Halloween? You can immerse yourself in this scary setting any time of the year through the Witches Wealth slot. This game is considered a more modern video slot with a 5 x 3 format. In addition, it has nine paylines that can be adjusted and a number of controls for betting. The special features are standard fare for any first-class slot, but the RTP from Witches Wealth may leave you feeling a little too afraid to play…

Witches Wealth Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Witches Wealth, like many Microgaming slots, is packed with excellent visuals. The background of the game is plain, but you’ll quickly forget that when you see the symbols. All icons on the reels are expertly designed and full of color, making the appearance quite enjoyable. When you finally spin the reels, the animations run smoothly. Good animations mean less errors that wipe out your winnings, so this is always a plus. You can turn the game’s sound effects on or off at any time based on your preference.

Though it has limited paylines, this slot gives you plenty of controls with which you can customize your own gameplay. Witches Wealth allows you to adjust the coin value and number of coins before you spin. The number of active paylines can also be changed. If you like adding a more personal touch to gameplay, you can do so with the expert options. The game includes an “autoplay” feature for letting the reels spin with a locked-in bet. You can also use “bet max” to instantly wager the most credits possible.

The Special Features

Witches Wealth backs up its basic gameplay with a handful of special features. These extras within the game have a sole purpose of allowing you to earn more on your payouts. They are also easy to understand and make the online slot much more exciting. Be prepared to see your winnings get boosted.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol of the game is Serena, the slot’s title character. Whenever she pops up, the symbol can replace other normal icons to complete a winning combination. This special feature also adds a multiplier to your original bet amount, making it even better. The wild symbol cannot substitute for a scatter.

Scatter Symbol

If you’re a new player, you will discover that the rules don’t apply to scatter symbols. They create a unique payout of their own in Witches Wealther by appearing at least three times during one spin. If this happens for you, you will receive a straight bonus payout regardless of your bet.

Witches Wealth Bonus Game

This slot has a special mini bonus game in which the title character must go from house to house and avoid falling objects. How far the witch can travel will determine how much you can get paid. At the beginning of the bonus, you receive a mystery prize amount. Once the game ends, your amount can potentially be tripled for a huge payout.

Average Payouts

If you’re still on the fence about the Witches Wealth online slot, then the game’s average payout percentage may be the deciding factor. This slot shows a return to player (RTP) that averages around 95.5%. Compared to other Microgaming classic, this average is a bit low. With a lower variance, you shouldn’t expect to see much difference in your own gameplay.

The maximum single payout possible in Witches Wealth is 16,200 credits.