Wild orient

Wild Orient Slot Game

Wild Orient slot is a jungle themed slot machine, but not a typical one. The jungle we see here is from somewhere in Asia, from China maybe, with bamboo trees being shown in the background and with the animals of the slot including Panda bears, which aren’t part of that many forests these days.

The Chinese influence on the design is not compelling. The slot game uses subtle hints that it’s not just about wild animals. Besides the Panda, there are a few other wild creatures which you can expect to see.  Also, expect to see snakes, tigers, birds, monkeys, and elephants. Six creatures just don’t seem enough for a slot with a jungle theme.

Developer of the Wild Orient Slot

Wild Orient’s creator is Microgaming, a company which has a huge number of slot machines under their belt. They have offered over 500 games already, which sounds like a lot, but it’s understandable since they’ve been around for 20 years now.

They offer both modern and slightly dated slot machines.  The graphics can be a bit hit and miss. The features tend to be great though. They also offer big prizes in many of their games and Wild Orient is one of them.

How To Play Wild Orient

You will find the betting button at the bottom. The button is the second one from the left. You increase or decrease the total value from there, or you click on the section to open up all the options, including the number of coins and their possible values. Once you’re done, you click on Spin and the game starts up. The Respin feature is the next step available to you, but you can read more about it below.

The game doesn’t have the most interesting design ever, but it does OK whenever the themed symbols make appearances. The images shown on them are of creatures which would be present in Asian jungles, and so we get the cute Panda bear among the icons used here.

Special Features

The most impressive feature of Wild Orient would probably be the Respin, all five reels having a button underneath which is marked with this word. It becomes active after a paid spin, with a price showing up underneath.

You click on the Respin button which corresponds to the reel where you need a certain symbol to form a combination or trigger a feature. If you don’t want to pay the price for that respin, you don’t use the feature. It’s an optional feature, but one that can improve the quality of the game considerably.

Regular wild symbols, with the Wild Orient logo used for them, are going to land on the reels of the game, hopefully on paylines where you have the required symbols for a combo already so that the wild provides you with the missing piece for the puzzle.

You can expect free spins as well from this slot. The scatter symbol gets you access to them, and as it often happens, you will need 3+ icons of this type to trigger the feature. The reward will be a round of 15 free spins, where wins are multiplied by 3x. You can retrigger the feature, with an extra 15 spins, if you land another set of three or more scatters.

Maximum Payouts

The top prizes advertised in Wild Orient will go up to $60,000, and even if that amount can be reached only during the free spins, you still get up to $20,000 in the base game.

  • Theme and Gameplay
  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
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I have no doubt that you will find plenty of good things to enjoy in this game, like the top payout or the feature list, but there will be some cons as well.