If you’ve had big moments in your life, they tend to stick with you for the rest of your years. When it comes to casino gaming, there is arguably no moment bigger than winning a jackpot. Tunzamunni is an online slot that aims to give you that chance through its amazing progressive jackpot. In addition, the slot features a classic layout with three reels and just one payline. The appeal of winning a jackpot makes this slot fun, but it definitely has its limits in other areas.

Tunzamunni Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Even though it is an older game, the Tunzamunni slot comes with impressive graphics. Its classic design allows the reels to be shown on the left side of the screen, while the complete paytables are on the right. The symbols are a dazzling replica of icons you know from old slot machines on casino floors around the world. Microgaming does a great job of making the colors pop in the design, and the background features a cool jungle setting instead of one solid color.

This slot has a very simple design, so you shouldn’t expect a ton of options for controlling your bets. The value of each coin is fixed and cannot be changed. Since there is only one payline, you won’t see any controls for adjusting lines. You can choose the number of coins you wish to wager from 1 coin to 5 coins, or you can simply push “bet max” to go with the top amount. Though they are very limited, expert options are available if you know your slots.

The Special Features

You are not going to see many special features in Tunzamunni, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. As a classic style progressive slot, the game really has one objective. The base game is reasonably entertaining, but you may just win a life-changing jackpot if you’re lucky enough to hit the right combination.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is the focal point of Tunzamunni, and it is one of the best in the business. In fact, you’ll see this jackpot hosted at a lot of Microgaming casinos online. Its presence on multiple sites means that it is constantly growing in value and can potentially offer a payout worth millions.

However, there are very strict rules to hit this jackpot. You must bet all five coins before you spin the reels and the three different “7” symbols must land in the right order. It’s rare to hit the jackpot combination, which is why the pot always reflects a lofty amount. The downside is if you’re not too concerned with a progressive jackpot, this game might quickly get boring.

Average Payouts

While you have a chance to win a jackpot, you’re going to be disappointed with the normal payout percentage of the Tunzamunni base game. This online slot averages at just over 90% on its return to player, or RTP. Compared to other slots, the number is terrible. However, most players are not using this game for its basic features and want that gigantic payout instead.

The top “normal” payout in Tunzamunni is 75,000 coins, but the progressive jackpot itself has no set limit.

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Tunzamunni is a good progressive slot, and that’s about it. You will enjoy the graphics and sounds that mimic a classic machine, but the game falls short in its features. The jackpot is a highlight, but it’s really the only highlight in this online slot. With an abysmal RTP and no other bonuses, this game is forgettable unless you’re a progressive jackpot fan.