Totem treasure

If you’re inspired by the culture or history of America’s indigenous people, you will appreciate the inspiration behind the Totem Treasure online slot. This game come with five reels and just five paylines, with a nice classic appearance and flexible controls. However, you’ll start to notice its limitations after you play a few spins and don’t encounter any special features. Does this game really deserve to have “treasure” in its title? The most important features that determine its value are discussed.

Totem Treasure Appearance and Basic Gameplay

You will be able to play Totem Treasure as a free slots demo or for real money at most Microgaming casinos. The game is an older title, and its vintage graphics reflect its age. Each payline is labeled on the sides of the reels, which are set against a mostly plain background. The symbols themselves have simple designs, but plenty of color to make the slot visually pleasing. As the reels spin, the animations are optimized so that the game won’t crash and void your payouts.

Before you spin, you’ll have controls at your disposal to adjust a few parameters. The value of each coin played and the number of paylines can be changed. The amount of coins per line is fixed. If you want to bet the most money allowed on the next spin, you can skip each control and just select the “bet max” button. There is also an “autoplay” function that locks in your bet and spins the reels a predetermined number of times. You can stop this feature at any time. Detailed information about the game’s payouts can be found by clicking “view payout.”

The Special Features

As a classic title, the Totem Treasure online slot has just enough basic features to let you customize your gameplay. However, this game is severely limited in terms of its special features. There is actually only one special feature in the entire game, and it comes in the form of a wild symbol.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Totem Treasure takes the shape of a Native American. You’ll easily spot this symbol because it also includes the word “WILD” in bold lettering. If the symbol lands on the reels, it can complete a winning combination by substituting for any other icon in the game. Each payout is still based on a combination that occurs left to right. There aren’t any special multipliers related to the wild symbol, so its overall value is disappointing.

Average Payouts

Totem Treasure has decent graphics and controls, but comes up short on its special features. Unfortunately, the average payout percentage doesn’t do much to improve this game’s entertainment factor. The return to player, or RTP, in this online slot sits at about 95.5%. You will find numerous slots that average higher than Totem Treasure, and you might be better off trying them out instead.

The silver lining is that you can possibly earn a top payout of 12,000 coins while playing this game.