Tootin Car Man

Sometimes, a weird theme can make for an excellent casino game. Such is the case with Tootin Car Man. Inspired by the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, this online slot has five reels and 20 paylines on which you can place bets. You’ll discover lots of special features in this slot, with betting made easy through simple controls and a clear game display.

Tootin Car Man Online Slot Basics

As strange as theme is for the Tootin Car Man online slot, it certainly makes for great visuals. A Vegas-style strip can be seen in the background of the game, with a touch of Egyptian flare thrown in. On either side of the reels, the paylines are clearly marked so you know where your payouts can occur. The symbols in the slot are all unique and show off the quality of NextGen when the developer creates casino games. Each symbol is full of color and features an expert design. Animations run smoothly when the reels spin, and you have the option of turning off the sound effects.

You can spin the reels instantly, or you can adjust your bet first. Tootin Car Man gives you the option of changing the value of each coin and the number of active paylines. Instead of one “BET MAX” button, the game lets you max out the paylines and the coin value separately. Autoplay is also a part of the online slot options, letting you spin the reels with a set bet for as many turns as you want. Payout information is available on the player interface, and all wins are displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

The Special Features

Tootin Car Man has a great visual presentation and makes betting easy. However, these aspects are only part of what makes the game excellent. This online slot also has numerous special features that are easy to understand, but offer plenty of value for your real money bets. Special features include a wild symbol, scatter symbol, and a special bonus game.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Tootin Car man comes in the shape of a Pharaoh icon. When you see this symbol on any of the reels, it can act as a replacement for a normal icon in the game. The result is a better chance at completing winning combinations. As is the case with virtually every online slot game, the wild symbol cannot replace a scatter.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols provide a perk by creating a unique payout of their own when landing on the game’s reels at least two times at once. The scatter in Tootin Car Man is the game’s logo and will present you with a payout, regardless of what position it takes on the reels.

Tootin Car Man Bonus Game

The bonus game that you can encounter while playing Tootin Car Man depends on what symbols activates the feature. Landing three dice symbols on the middle reels unlocks the dice bonus. In a similar fashion, three roulette symbols on the center reels will activate the roulette bonus. Each game is simple, as you spin the roulette wheel or roll the dice to reveal a randomized number. The outcome determines how much your payout will be.

Average Payouts

While the features and graphics of the Tootin Car man online slot are very good, its payout percentage is only mediocre. According to independent audits, the return to player (RTP) of Tootin Car Man is an even 95%. A five percent house edge isn’t bad for a slot game, but you’ll see better numbers on some titles. Still, it’s not enough to derail the quality of this online slot.

Tootin Car Man includes a top possible win amount of 50,000 coins from its gameplay.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
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Even though the developer may not be the most popular, NextGen Gaming creates some amazing games. Tootin Car Man is a great example of the quality produced by the company. This game is strong in all aspects that matter, especially its special features. The payout percentage could use some help, but its a minor issue overall. The Tootin Car Man online slot is a highly recommended casino game for all players.