Terminator 2

In the year 1991, a movie sequel was released that would forever change the standard of action films. About 13 years later, an online slot came out based on the movie that found huge success among players. With such amazing inspiration, it’s no surprise that the Terminator 2 online slot is one the most popular Microgaming titles in the history of the company. This slot features 243 ways to get paid across five reels. It has the special features you’re looking for in a casino game, along with some unique perks that you won’t find in other slots.

Terminator 2 Appearance and Basic Gameplay

If you’re a fan of the movie, the graphics in the Terminator 2 online slot will not disappoint you. The background has a dark, brooding industrial feel to it. In addition, the special symbols of the game are images taken directly from the film. You’ll see John Connor, Sarah Connor, the T1000, and the terminator himself as you spin the reels. The normal symbols of the game are based on the suits from a deck of playing cards. Terminator 2 boasts some seriously impressive visuals, and the sound effects add to the immersion you’ll experience when you play.

This online slot has quite an intricate design, but its gameplay controls are not intimidating. Before you spin, you will have the ability to change the value of each coin and coins per line. The game does not allow for any further customization, because the 243 ways are always active. This slot does not call for many controls, but it may still feel limited to the advanced player. However, there is an “AUTOPLAY” feature that gives you a bit more control over the gameplay. The autoplay button lets the reels spin on their own with your bet locked in. You can cancel the feature at any time.

The Special Features

The gameplay has slight limitations, but Terminator 2 has a host of special features that make up for a small number of controls. These special features show off the incredible animations that are included in the slot. In addition, they give you a much better chance at winning a large sum of money. Familiar favorites and some unique extras are both included in the Terminator 2 online slot.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the game comes in the form of the “T2” icon, with a background engulfed in flames. This symbol serves the purpose of completing winning combinations by acting as a substitute for any other normal icon. You will still need to get a left to right combination to earn a payout, even with a wild symbol present.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols are sometimes hard to identify, but not in the Terminator 2 online slot. A symbol that clearly shows the word “SCATTER” can appear, surrounded by electricity. You’ll earn a payout from this scatter if it lands at least two times simultaneously on the reels. The scatter symbol doesn’t follow normal game rules, so its position will not matter. Additionally, three scatters will trigger a free spins bonus round!

Free Spins

If you unlock the free spins bonus, you will be granted ten spins at a time with your original bet determining any payouts. The paylines also expand from 243 to 1,024. What makes the free spins unique in Terminator 2 is the role of the T1000 symbol. Just like in the movie, the T1000 can transform into any other character symbol. This feature increases the chances of hitting a winning combination and earning more money as you enjoy the free spins.

Average Payouts

The Terminator 2 online slot is a very popular choice among players, due to its design and special features. However, another big reason players return to the game is its average payout percentage. The slot posts a return to player, or RTP, that typically sits at 96.6% with a lower variance. You can expect the RTP to stay rather consistent when you play, making the game an excellent choice for players concerned about a return on their bets.

Another great aspect of the Terminator 2 slot is its top payout, which will net you an impressive 88,000 coins if you’re lucky enough.

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Terminator 2 is a classic movie and it likely will always stay that way. In a similar fashion, the Terminator 2 online slot remains an incredibly popular game among casino players all across the globe. The graphics and sounds in the slot are absolutely superb. There are enough controls to tweak your bets, and the special features have their own exclusive touch that makes this particular game very exciting. A higher RTP is just the icing on the cake, though it doesn’t match other Microgaming titles. This is a seriously great game, even when stacked up against the best online slots. It’s definitely worth a try no matter what type of player you are.