Sweet harvest

Working the land as a farmer is definitely not an easy task. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty in the sweltering heat, you can play the Sweet Harvest online slot instead. This game is an advanced video slot that has five reels and 20 paylines that are permanently active. The slot includes numerous special features on top of its basic gameplay, giving you many different ways to win a payout. Let’s take a look and see if the slot’s features and payout percentage make this game a cash crop.

Sweet Harvest Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Sweet Harvest is a fine example of the visual quality Microgaming produces in most of its online slots. The background shows off a sprawling rural landscape, while the reels of the game feature clearly labeled paylines on each side. There are normal symbols used in the slot based on a deck of playing cards. However, Sweet Harvest also provides its own unique symbols that give the game an exclusive feel to its graphics. You will hear immersive sound effects as you spin the reels and play the game, but you can turn them off from the top of the screen.

The standard gameplay in the Sweet Harvest online slot has it limits. Before you spin, you can change the total bet that you are going to wager. The paylines in the slot cannot be changed and there is no option to adjust the value of a single coin. This lack of controls may be a letdown to advanced players, but the game is a great choice for a newer player to learn the ropes. Experienced players won’t be completely left out though. You can add a bit of customization to your spins by using the “autoplay” feature that is included on the control panel.

The Special Features

You’ll be impressed with the artistic approach to the graphics of Sweet Graphics, but its normal game controls might be a disappointment. Fortunately, this online slot comes with a handful of special features that add value to the game and give you more chances for a payout.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Sweet Harvest is represented by the slot’s logo. If you see this symbol land on the reels, you’ll have a better chance at earning a payout. The wild can substitute for any other normal icon and complete a winning combination. It’s standard fare in most games, but the wild symbol is an important part of any high-quality slot.

Scatter Symbol

When the “farmhouse” symbol appears on the reels at least twice, you will earn a unique payout regardless of the symbol’s position. The farmhouse symbol is the game’s scatter symbol. It cannot replace any other icon in the game, but it also has a second function of triggering the free spins bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins in the Sweet Harvest slot are an excellent way to earn payouts without wagering more real money bets. If you earn free spins, your original bet locks in place until the round ends. The benefit of Sweet Harvest specifically is that its free spins bonus can be activated again as you play. However, your bet that started the bonus will still be fixed.

Sweet Harvest Bonus Round

Sweet Harvest has a unique bonus round of its own that instantly rewards you with extra cash. The feature starts when you land a Harvest Bonus Symbol on the second and fourth reels at the same time. This bonus round is a pick-and-click style mini game. Once you decide on your hidden prize, it will reveal itself and the amount transfers to your account.

Average Payouts

This online slot comes in strong with its special features, making it a highly rewarding game to try. Of course, bells and whistles don’t mean much if you never get a return on your bets. The Sweet Harvest slot currently posts an average return to player (RTP) of 96.2%. This number is slightly better than the average seen on many other games, making Sweet Harvest a good choice for potentially earning better wins.

You will have a chance to earn as many as 100,000 coins from a single spin when you play the Sweet Harvest online slot.

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This is a solid title from Microgaming. Although the basic controls are lacking more options, the game is beautifully designed and captures the theme quite well. In addition, the special features are what should be expected from a world-class online slot, and there is a unique bonus round that adds to its appeal. The RTP is better than most games, and a medium variance will keeps things interesting for players. Sweet Harvest is a recommended Microgaming slot and everyone should give it a spin.