Roller Derby

It may still be somewhat of an underground pastime, but the roller derby certainly has its share of loyal fans. If you enjoy competitive skating with a little bit of roughness, you might also get a kick out of the Roller Derby online slot. Coming from Microgaming, this slot has 25 paylines across five reels and enough special features to make things interesting. Time to lace up those skates and hit the rink!

Roller Derby Online Slot Basics

The artistic style of the Roller Derby online slot will immediately catch your eye. This game’s background comes in the form of a skating rink with a large crowd of spectators surrounding the floor. You’ll notice that the paylines of the game are clearly labeled on both sides of the reels. The symbols in the game are represented by the skaters on both teams, drawn in a classy modern style. Roller Derby also has standard symbols that come from a deck of playing cards. The overall visual presentation of the online slot is quite unique, instead of just being a carbon copy of other games. Sound effects in Roller Derby do a great job of adding to the game’s atmosphere. However, you can turn them off if you want to play without audio.

A benefit of playing Roller Derby is that the slot has no shortage of betting options for gameplay. You can adjust the value of each coin you bet and the total number of coins. The paylines can also be adjusted to whatever you prefer. If you simply want to skip these steps, you can press the “MAX BET” control and instantly wager the top amount. Roller Derby lets you spin the reels manually each time, or automatically for as long as you want with the “AUTOPLAY” feature. Information about payouts is immediately available on the game menu.

The Special Features

Roller Derby is a quality online slots game in its style and basic gameplay. In addition, it has enough special features to keep things interesting and boost your payouts. The special features are nothing extraordinary, but they are the most popular bonuses that players want to see in an online slot.

Wild Symbol

The game has a wild symbol, which is easy to spot. This symbol is a purple roller skate that has the word “WILD” on display underneath. When you have a wild symbol as part of an active payline, the symbol can replace any normal icon and complete the winning combination. You’ll have more chances to win with the inclusion of a wild, but the symbol does not substitute for the scatter.

Scatter Symbol

Roller Derby does, in fact, have a scatter symbol. The scatter serves two purposes. It can create a payout of its own when it appears on the reels. Its position doesn’t matter like other normal icons. If you see the scatter more than once, you’ll earn a payout. The second function of the scatter is to unlock free spins by appearing three times. If you land three scatters, you will instantly gain access to the free spins bonus round.

Free Spins

Aptly named the “Let’s Talk Dirty” bonus, the free spins round in Roller Derby gives you five spins to start with. This number is disappointing in comparison to other online slots with more initial free spins. However, the silver lining is that you can trigger more free spins while you are in the middle of the bonus. The bet that you use before the free spins will remain the same as the bonus round takes its course.

Average Payouts

With a decent amount of special features and strong aesthetic appeal, Roller Derby is a great game in numerous aspects. Unfortunately, the payout percentage isn’t one of them. According to reports, the normal return to player is just over 94%. Online slots typically have a lower RTP, but this average is disappointing. Roller Derby’s saving grace is its medium variance, which means the outcome is slightly more unpredictable.

When you play the Roller Derby online slot, you have the chance to win a top single payout of 90,000 coins.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
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Overall, Roller Derby is an excellent online slots game to try. It’s rare that games can combine unique graphics with the most popular special features in one package, but this slot pulls it off. If you like to have more control over your bets, this game is for you. However, the weakness of Roller Derby is the low RTP and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Considering all factors that matter, the Roller Derby online slot is still a strong title. You’ll appreciate the work that Microgaming has put into this one.