Robo Jack

Robotics are a symbol of advancing technology and new innovations. It’s only fitting to include this theme in a cutting-edge online slot game from Microgaming. The Robo Jack online slot features five reels along with 243 ways that you can earn a payout. This game has a modern appearance and lots of special features. You can play Robo Jack in a free demo version before you make real money bets.

Robo Jack Online Slot Basics

If first impressions are important in casino games, then the Robo Jack free slots game comes out strong. You’ll see an industrial background that fits the theme of the game as the reels display some amazing symbols. The symbols of the game are full of color and detail, reflecting the experience of Microgaming in creating memorable slots. In addition, the Robo Jack slot features reel animations that add to the game’s appeal. This is definitely an example of an advanced video slot online. Robo Jack includes immersive sound effects that add to the gameplay’s quality, but they can be switched off for a quiet gaming session.

In contrast to the elaborate design, the game controls in the Robo Jack slot are very simple. You can adjust the total bet you wish to use before spinning the reels. The 243 payways are always active, so you cannot change this part of the gameplay. Autoplay is available for seasoned players, as the function lets the game run on its own with a fixed bet. Information about the various payouts can be seen by clicking “VIEW PAYS” on the game menu.

The Special Features

The highlight of the Robo Jack online slot is the collection of special features that comes with the game. You will encounter familiar favorites as you play this casino game, along with more unique bonuses that make Robo Jack stand out among the rest.

Wild Symbol

Robo Jack has a wild symbol, which comes in the form of the game’s logo. It’s easy to spot and will grant you better payout by replacing other normal icons. Your winnings will be boosted when the wild symbol completes a payout, but it cannot act as a substitute for the scatter symbol in the game.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols in Robo Jack don’t follow normal game rules. Instead, the symbols form a payout if they appear twice. The order doesn’t matter, and the scatter awards you with a straightforward payout. Three or more scatters will also unlock the free spins bonus, which has multiple formats.

Free Spins

You may think free spins in this game are just a carbon copy of other slots’ features. However, Robo Jack makes the bonus much more interesting by letting you chose your own perks. At the beginning, you will select one of five hidden robots. The robot you pick will decide the exact free spins bonus that you play. Random benefits in free spins include extra wild symbols and multipliers of as much as ten times your bet.

Average Payouts

Robo Jack has all the special features you want, but the average payout percentage of the game is a bit disappointing. According to independent audits, the payout percentage of the Robo Jack online slot is slightly above 94% on average. It’s not a good number, but the game fortunately has plenty of awesome features to make the percentage an afterthought. Robo Jack also has a medium variance.

You will be able to win up to 90,000 coins when you play the Robo Jack online slots game.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
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Aside from a low payout percentage, Robo Jack is an excellent casino game in all aspects. The graphics of this slot are simply stunning, and the 243 payways provide many opportunities for winning a payout. The special features are staples of quality online slots, and the free spins format is amazing. This is not only a casino game you should try, it will likely become one of your favorites. Highly recommended!