Poker Pursuit


Poker Pursuit is a Microgaming video poker machine. These machines target the poker players who are looking for a pure poker experience. It does not include a dealer or other players that you will have to bluff. You will get a hand, and you will choose to raise or call, and then you get a payout depending on that hand, from the paytable that you can see at the top. Everything about the video poker machines is simple, and this also includes the visuals. So you should not expect state of the art visuals or animations whenever you place bets and start playing the game.

Gameplay and Graphics

Poker Pursuit has a simple visuals setup. You will see five cards facing down in the middle of the screen. You will look at the payouts table at the top, which will show you the rewards for each possible hand according to the number of coins you placed. In the background, you will see the green cloth of the poker table with a wooden frame and some colorful chips stacked on top of one another.

You will start the game by clicking on the “Deal” button that you can find in the bottom right at the control panel. The game will reveal the first three cards that were facing down. You now have a one-coin bet, and you can choose to raise the coin bet to two-coins by clicking on “Raise,” or you can click on “Call” to reveal the 4th card with the same bet. Then, you will get the same choices again before you show the 5th card, similarly  You will now have a 5-card poker hand, and you will claim a prize according to that hand. The weakest hand you can earn a reward from is a pair of tens.

Bonus Features and Symbols

Poker Pursuit is a straightforward poker game that does not have any unique symbols, bonuses or features, which is the case with most video poker machines.

Payouts and Maximum Reward

Poker Pursuit has an RTP of 97.01%, which is a pretty high payout percentage for a video poker machine and that does not come as a surprise, because Microgaming games, even video poker machines, have a reputation for being rewarding and fun.

  • The maximum prize that you can claim is 3000. You will claim it when you get the best poker hand, the Royal Flush after placing the 3-coin bet.
  • The lowest payout is equal to 2 coins, and you get it when you get a pair of tens while placing the 1-coin bet.

The Bottom Line

Poker Pursuit is Grade A video poker machine that targets the poker players who are looking to relax and enjoy a hassle-free poker experience with high payouts.

Poker Pursuit
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Poker Pursuit is one of the many Video Poker machines by Microgaming. It follows the popular payout system that pays for 10s or Better (a pair of tens). The video poker game has a simple format that is easy to play and understand. You will be able to enjoy Poker Pursuit on a plethora of devices and operating system, as it is one of the most popular video poker machines by the developer. Therefore, you can enjoy it on your mobile device, tablet, laptop and more. You can also play it right here for free with demo credits so you can see all that it has to offer you before playing it with real cash.