Mumbai magic

Instead of scratching cards or revealing cards, players will purchase a ticket and click play, they will then witness an Indian beauty as she summons icons from her crystal ball. She will summon six icons, players will have to get two matching icons in order to be rewarded with the multiplier that the icon offers.

This is yet another Microgaming powered scratch card game, but much to your surprise, it does not include any scratching. This is because the game is a scratch card at heart, but the gaming procedure does not really involve any scratching. Players will still want to get matching symbols, but they will not scratch a card to get them. The game also has an entertaining theme as it is inspired by India and their movie production city, Bollywood, the Indian Hollywood.

Players will see a beautiful Indian Lady standing in the middle of the screen holding a magical orb in her hands. Players will also see multiple symbols that surround the beautiful lady. These symbols are silhouettes of a beautiful lady, a handsome Indian actor, a film strip, an Oscar statue and more.

Before players can see these symbols turn into colorful icons, they will have to place a bet to initiate the game. This bet can be placed through the control panel of the game that is located at the bottom. Players will click on the + and the – sign in order to go through the different bets that the game has. These bets start at 0.50 and end at 10.

Players who chose a stake will be able to start the game by clicking on New Game. The game starts as the beautiful lady produces icons from her magical orb. These icons will start to go to where they belong on the screen. In this game, players will need to get two matching symbols to get paid. The amount of the reward depends on the symbols that they have matched as symbols can pay from x2 up to x20000 and the original wager that they have placed.


Mumbai Magic is an Indian themed scratch card game. This game provides players with a unique way of scratching cards.