Double Magic

Double Magic is a Microgaming powered classic slot that contains wilds, and a total non-progressive jackpot of $8,000 in real money. It is supposed to be a magician themed slot; although from the design you would never be able to tell. The layout is simple enough, and is very spacious, with the reels occupying the top left hand side of the slot, the twin pay table dominating the right, and a rather large logo occupying the bottom left of the slot, right above the main game controls at the bottom. Microgaming sure does love naming their classic slots “double”.

How to play Double Magic slots online

As a classic slot, it is expected that Double Magic contains only 3 reels, and a single payline. It simply wouldn’t be a classic slot if it had more reels and paylines. In typical Microgaming fashion, the slot contains coin values that vary from $0.25 up to $5 in total, and a total of two coins can be staked per line, which gives you your two pay tables and possibly lends some credence to the title “double” Magic.

The min and max wagers in this classic slot are $0.25 and $10 per spin, respectively.
The only symbol that is out of the realm of normality for a classic slot is the electrified star icon. Besides that, all of the other icons could be found in any typical classic slot, and include cherries, single bars, double bars, triple bars and red sevens. A couple of these icons can be used in alternating combinations to win prizes, aside from the typical 3 on a line format.

Double Magic Slot Bonus Features

Despite it being a run of the mill classic slot, it does contain 2 special features. The electrified star icon is also a wild and a multiplier. When a player finds one star on their payline, they will notice that it substitutes itself for any symbol the player needs to win, as well as offers a 2x multiplier on the winning combination. If two wild symbols are found, a multiplier of 4x is added to the winning combo.

Double Magic slot Payouts

There are two pay tables in this slot, with a 2 coin wager paying out double the amount of a single coin wager, hence the title of the slot. Any 1 cherry will pay out either 2 or 4 coins, any 3 bars will cough up 3 or 6 coins, and any 2 cherries will pay 5 or 10 coins. For 3 single bars, 10 or 20 coins will be paid out, for 3 cherries 20 or 40 coins are good wins, 3 double bars will see players win 25 or 50 coins, 3 triple bars will pay 50 or 100 coins, and for three 7s, a win of 100 or 200 coins, depending on the amount staked will be paid out.

The Double Magic jackpot

In order to win the top jackpot, a player will need to find three wild icons (the electrified star symbol) on the single payline that the game has to offer. In the event of a single coins take, the player will win a total of 800 coins, or roughly $4,000 with the max wager. If the player wagers 2 coins per spin, they will win the top jackpot of 1,600 coins, which is worth double that figure, at $8,000.

Other notes on Double Magic

Double Magic not only offers a decent return on winnings, but it is also hugely fun to play if you are a fan of classic slots that contain a few modern features, such as wild icons and multipliers. However, despite its pretty basic look, Double Magic is a pretty basic game. To any gamer that has played the big progressive jackpot, bonus round laden, free spin offering, scatter win giving video slots that contain 5 reels; there is a possibility that they might find this classic slot a tad boring or perhaps too simplistic for their tastes.

Ultimately though, it is a classic slot, so you know what you are expecting before you play it. The slot can be somewhat hard to locate though, and isn’t found in every Microgaming casino on the internet.