Cool Buck

Cool Buck is a three reel, non-progressive jackpot classic slot game, designed and developed by Microgaming. This slot has a whopping jackpot and offers plenty of paylines, as well as some special features that really make it stand out in the genre. As far as classic slots go, this cash themed slot could very well be a video slot, if only it had 2 more reels. Generally, this is one of the more pleasant Microgaming classic slots to play, with a potential 5 tiered jackpot to win.
How to play Cool Buck slots online
Gamers are going to have a field day with the low cost of wagers in this slot. Played over 3 reels, this classic slot actually contains 5 paylines, and coin values vary from $0.25 up to $5, as is customary from Microgaming titles of this sort. With only one coin per line being permitted, minimum and maximum wagers vary from $0.25 per line, per spin, up to a top stake of $25 per spin, with everything included.
Of course the dollar sign is the most impressive icon in this slot, because it is thematic and it offers access to the big jackpots. Aside from that blue shiny sevens, luscious cherries, triple bars, double bars and single bars all make up the other icons. Players don’t necessarily need to bag 3 identical symbols to win in this slot, with single or doubles or any combinations sometimes paying out cool bucks too.
Cool Buck Bonus Features
The dollar sign is much more than just a jackpot icon. This symbol has dual-status, for it is also an important special feature that will aid gamers to win. This dollar sign symbol is also a wild symbol. As with all wild icons, the one used in this classic slot will substitute itself for any other icon that a player needs to complete a payline, with the paylines running from left to right, as well as diagonally in this online slot game.
Cool Buck slot Payouts
In order of the lowest symbols upwards, a single cherry on a payline is worth 1 coin. Naturally, players who bag 2 cherries are paid out 2 coins. Any 3 bars collected on a payline are worth a payout of 4 coins, whilst 3 cherries will see the player pick up 10 coins for the win. 3 single bars on a payline will see the player rewarded with 20 coins, and a total of 50 coins are available for players who pick up 3 double bars. 3 triple bars on a payline are worth 100 coins to the player, whilst a total of 300 coins are available for any gamer who bags three of the blue 7 symbols on a payline.
The Cool Buck jackpot
As mentioned there are 5 major payouts in this classic slot, and each one of them could be considered a jackpot. This is because bagging the jackpot winning combination of 3 golden dollar icons on a payline, will payout different sums, depending on what payline they are struck on.
3 dollar symbols on the first payline, is worth 1,000 coins, whilst on the second or third payline will see players’ bag 2,000 or 3,000 coins. You can already imagine the jackpot in store if you land the symbols on the fourth payline, of course, it is 4,000 coins. This gives Cool Buck a top jackpot of 5,000 coins if all 3 jackpot symbols are found on the fifth payline.
Other notes on Cool Buck
This is actually a really cool slot game, hence the title. The ability to win five massive payouts (or jackpots if you like to think that way) is remarkable. What is even better is that for a measly $25 maximum stake, gamers could potentially win up to $30,000 in real money.
This slot is also theme neutral, making it appealing to all kinds of gamers of all tastes. The gameplay isn’t too challenging and nor is too simple or basic, making it even more desirable to gamers of every kind of experience, amateur or pro.
What Microgaming has done here is create a worthy classic slot, with a few nifty special features, a gargantuan jackpot, and one that is thoroughly enjoyable, no less.