If you’re looking for a classic online slot that mimics a classic pub game, then Bullseye will hit right on target. This slot features five reels on its display with 243 ways to earn a payout. You will encounter gameplay that is fun and flexible, in addition to plentiful extra features. Bullseye comes from Microgaming and is a great example of what the developer can do. This game’s excellence shines through in its most important aspects.

Bullseye Appearance and Basic Gameplay

At first glance, the Bullseye online free slot gives you a clear indication of its fun theme. The appearance is every billiard player’s dream. The professional darts player is, in fact, a bull and other symbols are in the form of prizes won from a darts tournament. Microgaming did an excellent job with this game in both the style of the background and the actual symbols. You’ll hear immersive sound effect that accompany the visuals, but you always have the option to turn them off.

This game has very balanced controls. The interface isn’t overwhelming, but it gives even the most advanced players plenty of options for betting. You are able to chance the coin value and the number of coins before spinning, or you can just instantly bet the max amount possible. If you’re experienced with slots, you can use “autoplay” to lock in your bet and spin the reels automatically. The payways cannot be adjusted, but the format of 243 ways is always permanently enabled.

The Special Features

Bullseye shows some great visuals and gameplay right from the start, but what about those special features? As it turns out, this game features the staples that players love and also has its own unique darts bonus round. These features lead to plenty of ways for you to earn cash.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is in the form of the main character and is clearly labeled so there is no confusion. If you’re new to this feature, a wild symbol can replace any normal icon to complete a combination and give you the appropriate payout. This game has an extra wilds feature where the symbols may stack on an entire reel.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols offer winnings no matter where they land on the reels. As long as you see two scatters at the same time, you can earn a payout. In addition, the scatter symbol in the Bullseye slot is the key to unlocking some free spins.

Free Spins

Fortunately, free spins in Bullseye are kept simple. You earn 15 spins when the feature is unlocked and all of your payouts are doubled. Both the wilds and scatter offer the same multipliers so your win amounts will stack during free spins.

Dartboard Bonus Game

The special Dartboard Bonus triggers when two dartboard symbols land on reels 1 and 5. You will be given five virtual darts that will determine the outcome of your bonus winnings. The amount of the payouts can be as much as 15 times the normal. Bullseye would have been excellent without this feature, but its presence makes the game that much more rewarding for you.

Average Payouts

A bunch of fancy features don’t mean much if you can’t earn payouts. Although slots have a house edge, they will give you winnings with just enough variance to keep things exciting. Bullseye has an average payout percentage of 96% and is on par with most games in its category. This isn’t the highest average you can find, but it is acceptable when looking at the other great things the slot offers.

The Bullseye online slots has a jackpot of 22,500 coins, which is a welcome addition.

  • Theme and Gameplay
  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Payouts


Bullseye is an older title from Microgaming, but it will remain a classic. The slot is creatively designed in its theme and gameplay, making it one you can go back to repeatedly. It goes above the norm in terms of its special features, which makes the mediocre RTP something that can be overlooked. If you want a memorable online slot that hits you with lots of exciting bonus games, Bullseye will always be a highly recommended choice.