Basketball star

Basketball Star Slot

Basketball Star is an online slot machine powered by Microgaming, featuring five reels and 243 pay lines. It is the newest in the Basketball star video shoot.

The background features a basketball court that has a series of nets where the basketball symbols are paired. The game also has features resembling basketball players and other sport-related graphics. Basketball star slot is relatively similar to Rugby Star and Cricket Star slots by Microgaming. The slot game is designed with lots of style and features that make it interesting to play.

How to Play Basketball Star

Basketball Star has five reels and 243 pay lines. The reels are arranged from left to right and present various ways to win.

There are so many symbols in the game that are attractive and encourage players to keep playing. The symbols represent players and also equipment alike. The game has an interesting way of offering the payouts that keep the players in total suspense.

Those who get like symbols that feature players get more wins than those who use the equipment. This keeps everyone waiting to see their fate. This undeniably makes the game very interesting to play.

Basketball Star Special Features

The game has a feature of the rolling reels that makes it very easy to win. This is a noticeable feature that has been included in this game and is not found in many other Microgaming games. This means that the players have a higher chance of winning as they can have the winning reels with the symbols re-spun to increase their chances of winning more cash prizes.

There are also wild symbols that can cover the entire playing screen in some of the luckiest cases. The wild reels appear on rare occasions and are different from the ordinary reels as they give the maximum payouts.

There is also a multiplier in the game that gives the players up to ten times the payout on a spin although what will be given to the players depends on the number of wins that show up through the rolling reels.

Basketball Star has outstanding features that keep the players coming back, day in day out. An impressive one is the free spins bonus game. This enables the players to have many rounds in the game that they are not paying for and have high chances of winning a lot of cash prizes. It also has 5 reels with 243 pay lines that can enable many players to participate in the game at the same time.

Maximum payouts

The game has very high maximum payouts as compared to other games in Microgaming. This is determined by the number of maximum bets and also minimum bets that one can make. The maximum number of spins is 243 giving the players a wide range of chances of winning. That means that one can obtain a lot of money in the game if they do their betting carefully so as to obtain the maximum payout.

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The game is new and its new features are highly celebrated. It might not have all the features in all other Microgaming games in the market, but it has the increased chances for the players to win. This is by having the rolling reels that have made it stand out in all the other games in casinos thus increasing its popularity. Everyone should try out the game and see how much luck they have.