Switch BlackJack

blackjack-switchSwitch is a type of blackjack game that allows a player to trade cards between two separate hands. This uses a move that is often used by people who cheat when playing blackjack but the big part of this is that a player can switch cards legally.

Drawing Rules

In a game of Switch, a player must make two bets of the same size. After this, the player will get two regular hands.

The second card that is dealt on each hand can then be swapped. This can be done as a means of giving a player a better chance at winning something grand.

This can result in a blackjack in some cases if the move is used properly. A player can also split the hands if desired. A player can double down on any of the hands being used as well as there are no limits with regards to what a player can or cannot double down on.

However, there is an important rule with regards to what a dealer has. A dealer can get a 22 versus the player’s 21. A player can still get a blackjack to bet a dealer’s 22 but anything that involves three or more cards will not qualify for this.

The game pays out even money for all of the winnings. These include cases where a player gets a blackjack.