Re-Deal Blackjack

ImageGenIt can be frustrating when you are dealt a bad hand in blackjack. Fortunately, the Re-Deal Blackjack game gives you the opportunity to switch a bad hand for a totally new one. You can even use this game to replace your hand after getting a bad hit. There’s even the option for you to get the dealer to take a new hand. This is a unique way of playing but you must watch for the terms that come with getting such a new deal going on this game.

Drawing Rules

This game uses many of the same standard rules as that of traditional blackjack. These include the dealer hitting on a soft 17, a player doubling on a hard 9, 10 or 11 and a player having the option to split like cards once. This does not have an insurance bets or surrender features though.

The Re-Deal feature works in that you can choose at any point in your game to get a do-over on your hand. You can ask to get your hand replaced or you can choose to get the last card replaced. You can even get the dealer’s up-card to be removed and replaced with a new one if you prefer.

This is a popular part of the game but at the same time, you will have to spend extra to get this to work. The cost will vary based on how likely it is to change your chances to win. You will still get a profit if you win on your hand after a change is made but that profit will not be as strong as what you would get without using it.