MIT Blackjack Team

mit-blackjack-professorOne of the greatest stories in the world of blackjack comes from the MIT blackjack team that went around different casinos in the late part of the twentieth century. The team featured a number of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who devised numerous ways to win big in blackjack, thus giving them millions of dollars.

The team was started in 1979 by students at MIT who studied the art of card counting. This was based on reviews on the odds that are used within blackjack and how individual cards can by worth varying amounts of points. This was used to make it easier for players to try and do what they could to win something grand. It was a unique part of playing the game that prompted many MIT students and an investor who offered money for the endeavor to go out to different casinos including ones in Atlantic City and Nevada.

Over time the group expanded to include dozens of students. These included people from the Harvard Business School and other prominent schools from that part of the country.