Atlantic City

The Atlantic City Blackjack variant is a form of the game that is typically used in the popular resort city in New Jersey. Casinos around Atlantic City use a few standards for the game and many of them have been carried over to this particular online blackjack variant.

These include some changes that relate to how many cards are used, how dealers act and even how splitting rules can work. These are honored rules used around Atlantic City casinos and are now available for players to use online.

Drawing Rules

Atlantic City Blackjack works in the same way as that of any other blackjack game in that a player needs to get up to 21 on a hand without going over. The player needs to especially beat out the dealer’s hand. Of course, the dealer can always win with a natural blackjack although that can always be played off of with an insurance bet if desired.

This is a popular game but there are some important points in Atlantic City Blackjack that make it different from traditional blackjack including many ways how individual bets can be placed on the game as the player sees fit:

  • The dealer will stand on all 17s. These include any soft 17s. The dealer will still look to see if one has a blackjack if a ten, face or ace is on the table. The game still ends when the dealer has a natural blackjack.
  • Players can double down even after they split their cards. This is regardless of what those cards were first worth.
  • A player can split up to three times in a game. This means that the player can use four hands at once. The value for each bet is still the same although a player can choose to add double down bets to anyone that the player sees fit.
  • While a player can split aces, this can only be done once. In addition, a player who gets a ten or face card on an ace after a split will get a 21 and not a blackjack that pays out extra. In addition, a player cannot place hits on split aces.
  • A late surrender can be used on this game. This works after the dealer has checked on if one has a natural blackjack.
  • Eight decks of cards are used on every Atlantic City Blackjack game.

Playing Tips

  • It is best to split aces every single time.
  • Any pair of 10 or face cards should not be split regardless of whatever the dealer has in the hole.
  • It is always best to stand in cases where the player has 15 or 16 and the dealer’s hole is too high. This is especially when the dealer has 10 or 11.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos both have the Atlantic City Blackjack variant available for players. These two casinos have these games and many other popular options for all to enjoy. People can also get online to these two places to get up to $200 in free money on a first deposit. VIP offers and assorted weekly bonuses are also available.


Decks Used 8

Dealer Hits Soft 17 No

Max. Splits 3

Hit On Split Aces Yes

Surrender Yes – Late