Author: Steffen Ploeger

InterCasino And Launch Most Glamorous Bet On Earth

InterCasino, a world class online casino, is promoting a holiday package offered by, which will take gamblers to casinos around the world.  The two sites are calling the vacation promotion “the Most Glamorous Bet on Earth,” and will take the winners to 12 of the world’s most prestigious land-based casinos in eight different countries.…

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Mobile Poker Club Launches Faster Paced ‘Next! Poker’

Mobile Poker Club, the largest mobile-only poker room, has dealt 200 million hands to over 2.5 mobile subscribers since its inception.  But the mobile poker room is providing an even faster paced version of the game with the launch of ‘Next! Poker.’ The high-speed Next! Poker mobile application allows players to increase the number of…

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Kathleen Wynne Still Refuses To Endorse Or Reject OLG Casinos

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was pulled into a conversation about the proposal for two casinos in Ottawa while campaigning for John Fraser, the right-hand man of former Premier Dalton McGuinty who is running in a by-election. But Wynne is notably uncomfortable with sharing her opinion on the OLG casino expansion strategy, which was demonstrated earlier…

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