Online Gaming Giant Zynga Could Be Worth $7 Billion

 Many changes have been taking place in the stock market when it comes to online gaming. Gambling companies like PlayTech have been re-pricing their shares, and other gaming operators are now considering their entrance into the global stock exchange market. Zynga is one of these companies, currently planning to go public. 

Zynga has announced that it will be selling shares from $8 to $10 during its initial public offering. If this is successful, the company will be worth more than $7 billion initially. Some more optimistic estimates believe that it will be worth $9 billion. 

The company is planning on selling 100 million shares, equaling a total of 14% of its total business. This is more than most online companies have been willing to sell in their stock market debut, demonstrating how confident Zynga is about the move. For example, Groupon and LinkedIn, which both went public this year, sold less than 10% of their total. 

Zynga’s listing on the stock market is a huge victory for the social media and online gaming markets. It proves that these sorts of companies and businesses can be successful and profitable – so much so that they can be worth billions in the stock market. 


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