Famous Roulette Cheats

rouletteThere have been many cases in history where people have tried to cheat the system when it comes to roulette. People have tried to take advantage of the wheels used in roulette with the intention of trying to win.

What Biased Wheels Are Like

Biased wheels can occur when certain wheels are not particularly maintained all that well. In particular, a ball track or lip on a wheel can become improperly aligned. This often makes it harder for the wheel to work to one’s liking.

The head on the wheel can move down by a slight bit around certain numbers. This can cause particular balls to land on certain numbers more often than others. When this happens, it will be easier for a player to potentially get a better total payout.

A dip can occur on a biased wheel around a pocket of numbers. About four to six numbers can be impacted in most cases. This can cause a game to be biased towards those specific numbers.

It typically takes an extensive series of rounds to tell when a ball is biased. This in turn can make it easier for a player to see what is going wrong on a wheel.

What About the Frets?

The frets on a wheel should also be seen carefully. The frets that divided individual pockets on a wheel can become loose over time.

In many cases a ball can land on a fret and bounce around for a bit before it lands on another number. A loose fret can keep a ball from bouncing well. This will be more likely to stick in one particular slot on the reel. This in turn makes it easier for a player to possibly win off of one specific number as the game will be biased in a way towards that number. This can especially occur on as many numbers as what can be found on the game.