d’Alembert Betting System For Roulette

d-alembertThe d’Alembert betting system is a style of betting in roulette that uses a system similar to what you’d use in the Martingale strategy.

This isn’t as intensive as the Martingale system though. In fact, it only works on even-money bets like the red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36 bets.


How to Use the Bet

The bet works with a setup where you will increase the total amount of money that you are betting after every loss. However, you will not be doubling the value of the bet. You will instead add one to the bet. For instance, you can bet $3 and then go up to $4 after you lose and then $5 if you lose again.

Meanwhile, after winning, you will not go back to the start. You will instead move back by one total. For instance, in the earlier example, if you won with a $5 bet, you will go down to $4 instead of the $3 that you started out with.